Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer time

This holiday I am going to travel to different cities in Spain.

I am going to go to the beach or to the mountains.

I'm going to meet with my friends and with my family.

I like the summer because I do many diferent things.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Awesome Comics Webquest

Use the link below to complete the Awesome Comics Webquest activity.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Have you ever been in Vallgh? I’ve been because I invented it and it’s in Italy and a lots of Italians have dead there.

I’ve come to Italy and a lot of Spanish are throwing lemons in the street and pubic places and a lot of Italians crying. I’ve arrive at 12 p.m. and a lots of suicides waiting me for kill me but I kill them it was fantastic, fascinating and exciting.
I’ve seen a and I kill them. I’ve watching a my best friend and I kill them too.

I’ve have a happy day. It’s an experience.

Have you ever been futbool festival, meet the best football teams, is going to do champion.

I’ve come to Barcelona. There are lots of fantastic games.

I’ve seen to playing Barça vs. Madrid 2-6

I’ve had a great day

Have you ever been at Vallgh? I been at Italy and I’ve seen the biggest lemon party in the world.

I’ve come to Italy and there are lots of Spanish people throwing lemons at the poor Italians and its fascinating how the people

Throw the lemons. At dinner time we ate lots of pizza with lemon. We drank lots of lemonade. This year the people throw the lemons to Manchester United because they lose with Barça.

I’ve seen an Italian dead in the floor but police couldn’t do anything because everybody throw lemons. There are a lot of hooligans YOU MOST BE CARFUL.


~ [.....beach party....]*

Have you ever been in Ibiza the beach party?
I’ve just arrived it is fantastic, interesting, the festival
fireworks the big festival .

The festival was celebration in a space in the air like a beach, in the Garrotxa (vall d’ En Bas)

I’ve seen the friends and 1 famous Ismael .
Ismael sang is the song ‘’dame dame bessos ‘’

I’ve eaten tortolines , the cookies , the ships, etc…

I’ve listening music pop, teckno , rock etc…

I’ve had an incredible experience and day!

Muusiic Feestiivaal*

Have you ever listened music very important in this last years? I’ve just listened and seen the compositors the this music, for example, you listened and seen Kate Perry, Manu Castellano, Beyonce, Hannah Montana, etc…

The music festival celebrated in a local, in New York city.
The local is very big, have a lot of lights, sell a different food the diferents countries, the same with the drinks.
You can give a autograph a famous person (singer), and take a fotographie, and dance with famous person!

I’ve seen a famous person, and this local, you can watch a film, you choose a different tipes, for example, romantic, adventures, frightening, etc.

Please, go in this festival!, is a amazing experience.
The music is your life?.

The start of a big adventure ...

Have you ever seen a lot of famous together? You might not believe this but I’ve just seen a lot of famous people together. Specifically I´ve seen Zachary David Alexander Efron, Vanessa-Anne Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Taylor Swift!

I’ve come to Barcelona Concert festival and there the most famous people you can imagine in your life were there. They arrived here 4 days before the concert, because they wanted to visit the city, and to pass as regular people, but the fans were very crazy because they recognized them and took a lot of photographs, autographs, etc…
They were very happy.

When arrived the exciting moment to do the concert was fantastic the fans were crazy, they shouted like I never have seen in my life , but I needed to recognized I was one of this fans, because I love it.
The concert was during 10 hours and the people were excited, when we went out, we hadn’t got voice, and all of them went out with an enormous smile.

The parents who were waiting for 10 hours into their cars waited their daughters to leave of the concert.
I’ve had a fantastic day, well, fantastic days, because I started with this adventure 4 days ago, I’ve had a exciting days with Zac, Vanessa, Ashley and Taylor, are fantastic persons and we enjoyed a lot when we met.

After the concert I stay with they in the same hotel, in the morning we breakfast together, and we do a lot of things during the day, at night they do a little concert in the beach, because the night before, they was surprised with the people. And to give thanks they do this mini concert there.

Before the concert the fans can take photographs, autographs, the fans were very emotional, during the mini concert they said my name because I help their in a lot of things, and they tell me please go with they to all parts where they go, I live with they, form part of their live, and I accept, because I love they.

My experience don’t finish now, only is the start of this adventure.
I wait I will have a very good future with them.


Have you ever seen a famous person? You might not belive this but I’ve seen Taylor Swift.

I’ve come to the concert festival. There are lots of people, a famous people, photographers, …
This concet was in Paris, and there was very funny and fascinating.

I’ve listened to pop music and this is very beautiful.

I’ve had a special and exciting day.

It was a beautiful experience!

Disney Youngest Stars!

Have you ever had the oportunity to meet Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and all the famous singers and actors of Disney? Now your wish can come true! They are here! I’ve just been to that festival! All Disney famous stars were in Hollywood presenting their new projects for this summer!
I’ve come to Hollywood to see them.
Selena Gomez one of the youngest girls, told us that she has just broadcasted her new film with the artist Demi Lovato. We saw the premiere of the film Programme of Princess Protection.
I’ve seen Taylor Swift too; she did a mini-concert to present her new CD called Fearless.
There the most famous couple at the moment, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens was there too! Zac Efron cames to present his new film 17 again, and Vanessa told us that she has been recording her new film Bandslam with Alyson Michalka one of the sisters ALY & AJ. She also said that her last CD, Identified is at shops now.
Have you ever seen theese famous people acting and singing? I saw them! I saw too Ashley Tisdale singing some songs from High School Musical.
There were Dylan and Cole Sprouse, the twins told us that they are going to record a new episode of their TV series.
The athmosphere was of people shouting because they were watching their favourite stars, there was some food and drinks and places to have lunch with the friends or your family.
And the last star I saw was Miley Cyrus! I was so exciting because I’ve been a fan of her since I was a child.
She presented her last film and she sang some of her new songs.
I’ve been listening to them all the day and then, we returned home.
I ate a lot of pizza, cakes, sweets and really delicious American food, so I was so full!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Past Simple and Present Perfect

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My journal...

My day was horrible 'cause I had three exams; one of english, the other of maths and the last one of natural sience and all of them were very difficult and I'm sure that I'm not going to pass them. Also my art's teacher kicked me out of the class because I was painting the wall when I had to paint a beautiful picture of an apple... After this, when I finished school, I stepped in horse poop, then when I was trying to clean it I fell and I broke my arm!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Places to live

I live in a city but I prefer to live in country because the people in the country are more friendly and there are a lot of fields and trees. I like to live in the country because it has a small number of inhabitants and is safer than the city.
I don't like to live in a city because there are a lot of pollution and are a lot of people on the streets.The city is very dangerous but it have a good things: You have the bus/underground, are a lot of parks, are a lot of tourist attractions...

Monday, March 9, 2009

Johan - Exam review march 2009

I love to travel and I find it better when I travel with some friends, because our parents always want to visit art galleries, sculptures... and sometimes they pay for a tour guide and we hate it; so we spend the time talking and playing with everything. It does not mean that we don't like visiting places, just that we would like to visit places that are interesting for us.
The best place I've ever visited is Venice, but not where I had the most fun, this is Mallorca, where I go every summer with my friends.
When visiting a sight is important to know prizes and opening times.

A plane is faster than a ship.
It has been more espectacular than I thought.
History is not as boring as Spanish.
The fitter he is, the faster he becomes.
She is the nicest teacher I have.
Biology is the most difficult subject I have.
It has been by far the best trip I've done.
Messi is the best football player in the world.

I go into a comprehensive school called ETPClot, in Barcelona. I'm sixteen years old so I'm in year ten. It's difficult to chose my best subject; I'm good at Maths, History and English. But if I have to chose which one I prefer I would chose History. My worst subject is, without dubts, Biology, but not because the subject is difficult, it's because of the teacher.

I'm not going to write about a famous person, I prefer to talk about a pop band, LODVG.
In the start, the band was formed by four college budies that played songs from groups like U2 or Nirvana. In 1995 they met Amaia, the woman who would put voice to their own songs. Her claim to fame was asking at home for money to photocopy papers from university than they used to record the first CD. Then, Sony Music opened them a door contracting them. It was a dream come true! Since then, they have recorded lots of albums and they have become everytime more and more popular.

Second term exam practise


-Yes I like to travel but nowadays I don't travell a lot,but in a future I supose that with my money I travell more.
I'd like to visit:
art galleries for see scupultures,paintings...
international places that are popular in the place that I visit ant their culture.
-I say before that I don't travel a lot still, but in the moment the best place that I visited was "Los Angles" in France and I went when I was 10 years old and there was my first time that I visited the snow! :)
-Some things that there are important are:
opening times,for know when can I visit.
tour guide,for he can explain you important things that you don't know.
Open daily,for know if the local are open weekly,daily,annual...
Book tickets for have your place secure and nobody go in your place.


-Maremagnum is bigger than Glorias.

-Barcelona is more spectacular than Madrid.

-Joan is as tall as LLuis.

-The slower time passed the sadder the couple was because they missed each other.

-He is the hotest boy in the school.
-Julia is the most intelligent student in our class.
-Her note is the worst note in the class.


-Our school is half private half public.
-In 1999,when I was 6 years old.
-My best subject is maths.And my worst subject is History.


TO BE A ROLLER COASTER - Rihanna's life is a roller coaster ride because she has good luck with music but with her boyfriend she has a bad luck.
TO HAVE A LUCKY BREAK - Britney Spear's sister has a lucky break when she appeared in a comedy series.
TO BE A DREAM COME TRUE - Rafa Nadal loves play tennis and now he come true his dream that be a very good tennis player.

Llurovi's Second Term Exam Practice


I like to travel to somewhere I haven't visited yet. In my travels I like to go to a tourist attraction, the most visited place. But I hate to go with a tourist guide; it's more fun to go to a different place that you don't know anything about it. The best place I've ever visited is "La Escala", a big beach where there are a lot of tourists. When I'm going to visit a sight I've to know if there is any hotel and if it's cheap. The rest is simple: have fun!


-I'm taller than my sister.
-My mother is less serious than my father.
-My sister is as crazy as me.
-The older I am the more worried my mother becomes.
-My grandmother is the oldest in my family.
-The most intelligent person in my family is my mother.
-By far the most funny person is my father.


I don't like to go to school. Sometimes I like a subject, but the teacher is very boring at teaching and I have to study the term on my own. I go to a comprehensive school and I'm doing the 4t ESO year. There is 1 to 6 at primary, 1 to 4 ESO and here it depends from your decision. My big ambition is to become a scientist or an informatic. I.T. is my best subject because I love it and the worst is Spanish and Catalan; I don't like letters!


Matt Groening had a lucky break with The Simpsons. He had the chance to create a typical family, trying to make fun about them. It worked, and actually are a very popular family. He opened a door to other autors because they could copy or imitate The Simpsons, such as Family Guy.


  1. Travel experiences:
  • I love to travel. If I would be rich, I would spend my life traveling one country to another.

My most important hobby is taking photos, so i'm keen on traveling and taking photos of the places I see. I'd love to display my pictures or to show them on an event, because i'd love to be a profesional photographer, but I know it's very difficult and it's only a dream, because there are too many photographers.

When I travel, I like to do different things: first of all, I like to walk over the most important streets and avenues, ( go sightseeing) I like too to visit some museums for knowing how is the culture in the city i'm in. I like to discover different plates and different types of food, and finally I like to go shopping and buy souvenirs for my family and friends.

Before a trip, I always try to look up some information of the local tourist attractions, the facilities, the traditional food, and even I look up too how the weather will be.

I don't have a best place I have ever visited, I think that you can never compare different cities or countries because all of them have interesting places for visiting and different tourist attractions, which doesn't mean that some are better than others.

2. Using comparatives:


- Hotel Ars is higher than Torre Agbar.

-I think that the eiffel tower is more beautiful than the leaning tower of Pisa.

-Laura is as smart as her little sister.

-The longer we ran away the more guilty I felt.


-This piano is made from the strongest wood in the world

-It's the best film I have ever seen.

-It is by far the mos amazing place I have ever been.

3. School experiences:

  • I go to E.T.P.Clot, a half comprehensive, half private school which is in the center of Clot's neighboorhood in Barcelona. My school is actually more than one hundred years old and it has passed for many difficult situations as a fire.
  • Now, I'm in the ten year of the secondary obligatory education, and next year I probably will go to Batxillerat.
  • My worst subject is probably Physics, because I'm not very good at it!

4. Famouse people:

  • Her claim to fame was the realease of her song "Umbrella"---Rihanna
  • Her life has been a roller coaster ride, full of drugs, and incidents.-----Amy Winehouse
  • Meeting Madonna was her dream come true.____Britney Spears.

****bcn girl***

Adria must do the homework
Devil may cry
I should be more pacient
Adria can't be idiot
I'm going to buy a x box 360 with resident evil 5
I'm going to study spanish
I'm playing vido games tomorrow
I will help him to do homework
I think david will be more smart
This weekend I went to the cinema to watch watchmen with my sister and when I was comming to my house I saw in a shop a demo of resident evil 5 and I played one hour.

Second Term Exam Review

1.Past simple and past continuos practice
when I was shopping, I bought games to xbox 360
2.Future forms practice
I'm going to plan
I'm going to play games computer
I'm doing mats
I will you to pay 10 euros
I will work next month
3.Modal verbs Pratice
I must be sad
I might be play
I studied, so I should pass the exam
I can't be a woman

''second term exam review''

+past simple and past continuous practice

Last weekend I was in my house and I played with my dog.
I had fun. I was did my homerk. I had boring.

+Future forms practice

-This saturday I am going to go to the Up2u.
-Today I am going to go to study.
-I'm going to play my dog.
-I will give Hele present the EDG...
-I will meet a Riki go to te sweet.

+Mode Verbs Practice


Second term exam review

Past simple and past continuous practise:

Last saturday, I went to my house with I do my homewoork, and when I finished the homewoork I go to the house of my best friend.

Future forms practise:

I'm going to go to the cinema with my cousins.

After school I'm going to go for my house.

On sunday I am swimming.

Second Term Exam Review

1.- Past simple and past continuous practise
This last Saturday in the morning I went with Christine to the shopping center to buy some new clothes, we went walking from my house to the shopping center.
Then at 2 o'clock we left the shopping center and we return to my house to have lunch with TRAM.
My mum was making lunch when my aunt,m uncle and my cousin arrived.
Then we've lunch.
Christine and me went to my bedroom and we played at messenger and watch Fotologs.
In Sunday I went with my family to walk and I bought a magazine.
My sister was with her friend playing at Wii in my house.

2.- Future forms practise

-This Saturday I'm going to go to the disco.
-I'm going to do my homework.
-This month I am going to go to my village.
-I promised Judit that we will go to a Vanessa Hudgens concert.
-My sister will do a competition.

3-. Modal Verbs Practise
-My sister must be in home because she has got a lot of homework.
-My grandmother might be cooking because my gradfather is arriving.
-He should be practising football because he's got a match this Friday.
-Alberto can't play football because he has broken his leg.

second term exam review

1. past simple XD
this weekend I went to cinema with my family and the film was very bad.
when I was watching the film, I ate popcorn and drank coca-cola.

2. future forms XD
I'm going to see La Familia Mata.
I'm going to my house.
on friday I'm going to sleep.
I will kill you!!!
I will do my homework.

3.modal verbs XD
my brother must be in house.
I may have a friends.
I should be big.
I can't be a women

Second Team Exam Review

1.Past simple and past-continuous practice:

Last saturday, on the morning, I went to a gymnastics rytmic competition, but I weren't competition.
The afternoon I went to my house. When I was watching TV and playing computer games, I talked with mobile phone with my cousin, she was Malaga.
Last Sunday I stay in my house and I doing my homerwork.

2.Future forms practice:

+This saturday I'm going to dinner of my family in the beach.
+I'm going to meet my friends.
+I'm going to a dentist.=S
+I'm promise to my mum, I will pass exam maths.
+Judit and me will go to Villa del Río.

3. Modal Verbs Practice:

+This saturday I must go to gymnastic rytmic competition.


Second Term Exam Review

1.Past simple and past continious practise.

Last saturday, in the morning I stayed in my house, and I and my sister played in the wii, in two games, mario kart and sing it hsm3, and at 12 o'clock I will go to hairdresser, at 13'15 I will arrive at home and I'll lunch with my sister, after arrive my parents and we going to my village in Valencia, where the name of the village is Xert, when we arrived, it's was very very windy.
The next day, sunday, my sister and me up at 8 o'clock, because my sister could'nt sleep, we will prepare the breakfast in the table, and at 9:00 my parents wake up and we'll breakfast together, after we going to my grandparents' house, and with my cousins and my aunts and my granparents and my parents and my sister lunch together, and at 4 o'clock we will come to Barcelona.

2. Future forms practise

-This saturday I am going to the disco with my friends.
-Today I am going to do my homework.
-I am going to my grandmother's house to lunch every friday.
-I promised Laia we will go to a Vanessa Hudgens concert.
-Helena and me will go to Villa del Rio.

3. Modal Verbs Practice

-My grandmother must be in her house, because she must to do the dinner.
-My mother might be talking in the phone.
-My father should be reading a book in the house, because he loves read.
-I can't present to Operacion Triunfo, because I am not 16 years old.

Second Term Exam Review

  • Part 1: Past simple and past continous
This weekend I stayed in my house, when I played to play station 2 I stay bored, very bored. When I swas taying cubelles I was very bored, beacuse this weekend is the bored and bored and bored and bored...
  • Part 2: Future forms practise
  • I going to go to basketball
  • I going to go to my house at 5:00
  • On Saturday I have lunch at 2:30
  • I will give to my friend a roket.
  • I will t hat rain this month
3. Modal verbs practise

  • I must that Jordi and I beat us.
  • I may that victor is an idiot
  • I should that DAvid is a stupid
  • I can't have a Play station 3

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The trips are very interesant because you learn for the other countries and met people and they costums. You can travel in diferents places , beach ,mountain, citys and irlands. The people every time more travel in places that are very far or countryes wich are very pooverty, for exemp: irlands for Africa. But also travel in countryes that are rich: New York, London or France.
Lately the people want travel to beachs and relaxing in places like Caribe or Madagascar.
The prices for the trips now are low.

my plans

the next week for me it's difficult because I have to do a lot of thinks. The next week I start the globals exams and I have to study, but also I have to prepare all the think to the trip with the school. I go to carcassone and I'm going to stay four days there. I go with my friends and with my class. We are going to visit a lot of places in Carcassone, we visit the castle in Carcassone and we visit the town of Toulouse. We are going to stay in a hotel. We are going with a private bus. After the trip we return to the class and in one month we finish the class and we have one week that we don't go to the class.


For mornig I wake up at the 7 o' clock, I'll wear and will go at the school. At the school I'll made catalan, filosophia, history and grec. Fot afternon i go at the 16 o'clock to the house of Nando and will play the guitar, after we'll go to the street and at the 8 o'clock I'll go to train. When go out the train, I'll go to my home and after I and my frienda will go to the chinese restaurant.
Afte we'll go to Marina, one street that have very bars, wear of the Turisas, one group of music heavy metal and in Marina we'll drink very beer and after we'll go to home Abel all night.


Today we went to the museum and we listen one conversation for the China and your progres in economy, ecology and laws for the liberty. After we visit the exposition and saw photos from the Shangay city and humans problems. One problem of China is that there are many people in the country and there are two extrems: poor people and rich people. Poor people transport objects up to the head and sleep and live in bad situations. In China the favourite works are theacher and doctor. Your scripture is very peculiar, because there are many letters and is very complicated memorized all letters. On the other hand is very good write there idiom because is interesant. In conclusion, the exposition and conversation was very interesant and is beutiful know for the other countrys and the other cultures.

eee heavy!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

This week I will play video games and I wil jump stairs with my friend David.
Tomorrow I won't go to the english school.

The future

This wekend I'm going to play xbox 360 and view film the duda.
This month I'm going to pass all to assignatures.
This summer I'm going to go the murcia see my family.

I'll my family is go to the n¡murcia see my family.
I'll go to the perk is talking to my friends.
I'll win to the copD in pes 09.
This weekend I'm going to paint my warhammer 40k, and I'm going to do my homework, and this afternoon I'm going to study Spanish and History.

Will and goig to

*Going to*
I'm going to swim in pool the next year.
I'm going to listen pop music the tomorrow.
I'm going read the book camps de maduixes this month.
I'm going go the disco in Up2u this weekend.

I will meet with your friends.
My cousins will married this month.
I will play basketball.
I will go to a cinema.
ggooiinngg ttoo

this weekend I
going to cousins house because it's the birthday of my cousin Albert and he celebre it.

in december I going to Mdrid and I can see the snow.


in summer I will go to my town in Teruel and i meet with my friends and every day meet at 11:15 a.m.

I will go to Rico al instante in antena 3 and I win because i'm in bancarrote

the Future Tense

Going to:
This weekend, I am going to the shopping center with my friends, and I am going to the cinema with my cousins.

This summer I am going to the beach and riding horses with my family.


This month I will to the cinema with my friends because star a new film.

Will and going to

"Going to"
·This weekend I going to a park.
·Tomorrow I going to visit my grandparents in your house.
·This month I going to Villa del Rio with Judit.
·The next year probably I going to buy a new house in the montain.
·I will do play computer games with my cousin.
·I will do practise piano in the academy.
·My friend will meet with your friends in the disco.
·I will go to a cinema with my family.
  • I'm going to go cubellas and play playstation2(I haven't got the 3).
  • In this month I'm going to stay in barcelota, go to school and stay in house, it's very boring.
  • In this year I'm going to stay in spain, play PSP, go to school and pass the holidays.
  • I'll work in a car brand, live in a flat that my live.
  • I'll in the future, my family are very united.
  • I'll in the future, my friends and I go to a very important events .

The Future Tenses

"going to"

- This weekend I am going to go shopping center with my sister and cousin, because this month we are going to a communion, and we need to go to the shops to buy clothes. After I am going to the restaurant with my family to choose the menu to eat the day special.


- This month I will go to "Villa del Rio" because there life Manu Castellano and I will go to meet him, and I will meet him in his house and I will sleep there, because we are good friends and we will need to see because we do a concert toguether in the town holl, with his fans see us. After we will go to his house and eat, I will stay there all of the rest of my life.

The future tense


+ This weekend I'm going to visit my friends in Lleida and celebrate carnival there on Saturday, and the same day I'm going to return to Barcelona and going shopping with my friends,

+ The next month I'm going to play tennis at a sports centre.
And I'm going to visit my aunt, uncle and my cousins in Cáceres.

+ In July my favourite singer is going to go on tour and I've got the tickets to see her! her single is identified, so then guess the singer!


+ I will meet with my friends this Saturday because I want to buy a new sweter and I need to buy a present for my dad too.

+ Tomorrow I'll do my homework because I need to finish it if I want to see you on Friday.

+ I won't answer the door if someone calls, I'm alone at home now, so I can't go out now.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

ESO A - Future Tense & Money

(1) The Future Tense

Create a new post. Write two paragraphs.

Paragraph 1: write your future plans about this weekend, this month, this summer, this year, etc. Use 'going to'.

Paragraph 2: write your future predictions about your life, your friends, your family, etc. Use 'will'.

(2) Money

Follow the link below and complete the activities to practice your money vocabulary.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


The subject of my class is facebook. I teach you about how to use facebook and how put photographs on the website.

I teach this class and the rules are this:
1. You have to chew gun
2. Listen music in the class
3.Play computer games

The dress code of my facebook class is a fashionable clothes, beautyful shoes and sun glasses or a watch. The future results are given for the projects of the facebook future. The punishment is to kick out of facebook.

How to cheat on an exam

My class is about how to cheat on an exam. One way to cheat is to leave a pen on the floor near to an intelligent person and try to see the answer of a question that you don't know. An other way could be to write the notes of the class on a piece of paper and when the teacher isn't looking you have to put the mini paper on the paper and try to cheat all the things that you don't know. An other way to cheat is to write the things that you haven't learn or the things that you think that are the most difficult on your leg or on your arms, to do this you must wear shorts and a T-shirt. If you are a very busy person and you haven't studied anything and your teacher is very, very silly you can cheat with the book of the subject on the table.


The purpose of this report is to recommend two places in Barcelona where tourists can see the famous monuments.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is a church when you can see a lot of monuments and you can to go up in the towers.The advantatges are the is an impressive monumental church and will build much big.

But the disadvantatges are that it isn't finished and it's always is crowded with tourists.

La Ciutadela

The ciutadella is a park very long and big where you can walk. There is a pond where the people take a boat ride. And also there are a monuments and green areas. The disadvantge is that sometimes it's crowded.

Conclusion/ Recomendations
I would recommend the Sagrada Familia because is a big church. People like it and the tourists are surprised. In conclusion, I recomend these two places for the teenage tourist to see the best of the Barcelona.


The purpose of this report is to recommend two local attraction for a group of English students. I have chosen the beach called Barceloneta and the Ramblas in the centre of the city.

The Beach

Barceloneta is the most famous beach in Barcelona. It's near the port. If you like the sun it's one of the perfect places to go, but if the day is cool, it's possible that you will be cold. Also you can see and hear the sea. But in summer is quite crowded sometimes.

The Ramblas

The Ramblas is one of the most interesting streets in the city. It's a long street where it have a lot of shops. You can buy souvenirs, clothes or if you are hungry, you can eat in a restaurant. Also in the centre of the street, there are animals, shops and streets performaces. But all the year it's quite crowded and it has a lot of pick pockets.


In conclusion, the two local attractions are interesting to the teenagers and in the two they can enjoy and learn about the city.

Sagrada Familia and Arc of Triumph report

The purpose of this report is to recommend two possible tourist destinations for a group of visiting students. I have chosen Sagrada Familia and Arc of Triumph.

Sagrada Familia:
Sagrada Familia is a religious monument,because it is a cathedral.It's very nice looking at the outside, but the views are the looking from the inside. It has stairs that go up, and you can see all of Barcelona, but now is re-build becausethe city council wants to make it bigger. In the Sagrada Familia, it's always crowded, for example, with Chinease taking photos.

Arc of Triumph:
Arc of Triumph is a historic monument providing of Roma. This monument only can you outside because is a giant door build of rock. Arc of Triumph don't have inside and the people only take photos of outside monument.

Iwould recommend Sagrada Familia because it is a monument more nice and you can visit the outside and inside.

Monday, February 2, 2009


The purpose of this report is to recommend two possible destinations in Barcelona to visit. I've chosen the "Sagrada Familia" and "Maremagnum".

Sagrada Familia

It's a very famous place and it's known as a beautiful building to see and it must be seen once in your life. It's not finished but Gaudí, the arquitect, had a wonderful idea and he designed building the Sagrada Familia, but it's very crowded all time by tourists that want to see it and the entrance is quite expensive.


It's a great shopping centre to go to buy anything: it's very big and it has a lot of shops and teenagers would enjoy it, but it's crowded sometimes.


In conclusion, the both places are good ideas to go and this experience will be fun for everyone.

ferran's report


The purpose of this report is to recommend two places where you can visit, because I liked to visit them. I have choosen the theme park of tibidabo and Marrakech (Morroko).

Theme park of tibidabo:

Tibidabo is a mountain with a theme park on the top. It isn't very big but you'll enjoy with roller coasters and "the horror hotel". It isn't expensive and you can go in car, walking, in bus or in train.

Marrakech (Morroko):

Marrakech is the capital of Morroko, it's a beautiful city on the north-west of Morroko.You can visit the city with the tourist bus or camels or with a guide.


In conclusion, I believe you'll enjoy in both places, because isn't expensive and is suitable form sitting you with all people you want.


The prupose of this report is to inform you of the nice things of some
places interesting to visit.I have chosen TIBIDABO & LES RAMBLES DE LES FLORS.

TIBIDABO is a mountain of Barcelona,you can go by food,car,bus or tranvia.
It has a amusement park is big but not as Port Aventura.The roller coaster
isn't very large and fast,but it's nice to see.The views from Tibidabo are
beatiful,you can see the "Eixample" it look like little squares.Is known for
the amusement park,but it has more interesting things.
RAMBLES DE LES FLORS it's a street with shops on the sides,in the middle of this street there is a waid walk way that have people dress up weird clothes,and when you pass in front of them you give them money,they move.If you are on the top of the "RAMBLES" you can look down the street and there are a lot of people.In conclusion,I recommend tourists to go to these places bescause they are interesting to visit.

The purpose of this report is to recommend two possible tourist destinations for a group of visiting students. I have chosen Tibidabo and the beach.


Tibidabo is an important mountain in Barcelona. In the top of the mountain is the park theme called Tibidabo.

Tibidabo have a lot of roller-coaster and some child roller-coaster.

The most important theme in Tibidabo is " El Hotel Kruger".

"El Hotel Kruger" is known as one of the most scaryed themes in the world.

There ara other famous themes in Tibidabo, these themes are funny and emocionant.

Teenagers who like ride roller-coaster would really enjoy Tibidabo.


Barcelona has diferents beaches. All of the tourist like to come and swim in our beaches.

Teenagers aren't an exception. All of the beaches has youngest people and they can be funny. Beaches can be a good idea if you want meet friends.


I beliave either tourist attractions

Education vocabulary

The school scinece is about exploring.
The secretary is very beautiful.

Education Vocabulary

I eat in a CANTEEN
I play FOOTBALL with the friends


Clasroom and teacher:

· The teacher arrived late in clasroom.

· The Teacher falls in the middle clasroom.



Always when arrive the time of P.E. we DANCE all time, and, we practice for the disco and we do a lot of coreographies.

In my school don't wear uniform, because is horrible and the coordinatiors don't say it.


Dance and Staff Room

Sometimes in Physical Education we dance and invent our own coreographies.

In school we've got a staff room, and there our teachers prepare our exams and have a relax time.

education vocabulary

I'm doing a project with Victor about NY.
The name of my teacher is Manuela.

Embarasing story

When in thursday and fell, wher in the house and all family ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. My action is fell I'm ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha
I was really embarasing

embarssing story

I fell in the toilet, because there was water in the floor,

I was with my friends and it taking me,

and I was really embarassed.


In 2008,I stayed in clasroom, with Judit, she and I singing, and the teacher saw.

We before the main action were talking.

The end, Judit and I laughing and got very red.:$:$.

Embarrassing Story =$

I was in my cousin's football match and I was watching him.
Everyone was shouting and very happy and my cousin was concetrate in the match and I shouted:
You're the best! I love you! You're going to win!
And in the moment I was shouting everyone was quiet, and the public turned to me and in that moment I wanted to disappear! :$

embarasing story

When i was walking with David and Victor Emilio i don't saw a bench, the leg of bench and I fell.
Victor and David laughed my.
I stand up and I fight with them.


Embarassing situation

One day when I was 9, I fell down the stells with the school when I went to patio.
And the people laugh and saw me.
Were a embarassing situation because my face was red.


In 2008, 16th of July, all class we staying in,

and we were doing an exam at the moment, the exam

was of Science and I could't stop sneezing in a high

volume and we start to laughing, was very embarassed.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

the beach spa

The beach spa is closed in november for an annual holiday. The service is open 9 a.m to 8 p.m but you can stay in the rooms of the spa every day. The spa is opening all day and you can sleep in the rooms that the spa offers.
You can go to the cold swimming pool and after you can go to the hot tub. You can relaxed with a massage.
In the night you can go to the bar and relaxed drinking a drink and talk with another people.
Also you can walk for the beach.

Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower is free to enter daily except Mondays. The opening times are 7am - 8pm. The palace is closed in September for an annual holiday. Guided tours start at the 7:00 am and close the guide when doesn't have visitors. Visitors may take photos in the tower, but can not take photos in the top. One event very important is when open the light and the tower becomes very beautifful. In the center of tower there is an inscription of one militar hero. This tower is my favourite building in the world.

MiM Hotel

MiM Hotel recepcion is open daily. The opening times are 8:00 - 00:00 h . But the hotel is open to 24 hours to day. The MiM Hotel is a small house with 20 bedrooms for the people enjoy to the nature.

The people can go cicling, and go horseback riding, and the hotel prepare excursions for go to the mountains.

The MiM Hotel is for people with family, couples and friends. For go to the hotel you should book the bedroom.

arc of triumph

The arc of triumph is open daily.It's free to enter, the guided tours start at 9:00 a.m.-22:00p.m. but the guides change tours.People can visit the arc of triumph whenever and can take photos and look the sculpture, read the text in latin, etc...
For the night the arc of triumpg is closed, and one guardian watches.
This sculpture is very important because have a lot of information about the history of Rome and is found in the center of Rome for the all people can look, but don't touch because is forbid.

Monday, January 19, 2009

MMariaa's Palace is open weekly in the opening times you can see
that we open at 7 a.m. - 23 p.m.
In my palace,you can visit all my home.
If you want,you can visit my bedroom and all my personal things,but for visit it
you must pay 100€ more ( not included on the price of the enter ) .
For leave my palace you mast to pay my 200€ more( not included on the price of the enter )
tourist guide guide you for visit all the important rooms and he is only daily and if he
insn't there,you lose.
For take photos you must pay 100€ more ( not included on the price of the enter )
If you stay all the day in the palace you recive a present.
I recomend you for come to MMariaa's Palace!
COME ON!!!!!!!
The price of the enter is 500€
Llurovi's Mansion Holidays and Parties

Llurovi's Mansion is open weekly, on Saturdays. The opening times are 8 a. m. to 12 p. m.
It cost 50 euros to stay at my mansion
There're many things to do at my mansion; in the morning we will take a trip to the mountains beside the mansion or if it's summer we can go to the beach. Then we have lunch for an hour.
The least time of the day it's free time. You can go to the swimming pool or relax in the spa.
At night, we have dinner and then we play at the computer room. We have a competition of a randoom game on the pc or we play online with playstation 3 or xbox 360
Le Mansion d'Orso

Le Mansion d'Orso is open daily except Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The opening times are 10a.m.-9p.m. The mansion is closed in August for an annual clean.

Guided tours start on the hour, every 2 hours. Our professional tour guide will explain the history of the mansion and give a tour of the mansion and of the garden.

Visitors may also buy a guidebook and postcards from the reception desk.

Visitors can't take photographs but the shop sell some special photographs.

During the summer, we have open-air parties in the gardens and regulars fireworks displayes.

During the winter, we have some events. Why not have a look at our website?

Laura Classroom

no fightaing
no talking
dress code
no short dresser
have to wear trainers
no mini skirts
pun is hment
no recess

Ferran's clasroom

My name is ferran.I teach Basketball.

·no talking
·no fighting
·no running
·Wear uniform
·Detention for 8 hours

the best classroom

the best classroom

don't chew bubble gum.
don't talk.
don't run.

dress code:
wear trousers.
wear t-Shirt


videogames, that's the best.


with presentations.


call your parents.
write note to your parents

Video games class

In my class you can't kill your partners,you can't chew bublegum,and you have don't do your homework,If you don't follow the rules we kill you.
You can't wear trousers or jeans in my class.We see your level with an exam.

Judith' S Classroom !!

Hi, my name is Judith,

-You can't shout in class.
-Don't sleep.
-Don't run.

Dress Code:
-No t-shirts with inapropiate language or pictures.
-Don't wear uniform.
-No mini skirts.


-Sit away (from other students) in the corner.
-More homework.
-Call your parents.

HeLeNa'S classroom~*

My name is Helena, I teacher Rhytmic Gymnastics.
-Don't talk back.
-No talking.
-Don't say insults.
Dress code:
-Have to wear uniforms.
-No mini skirts.
-No trainers.
-No recess.
-More homerwork.

David's classroom

David's classroom

The rules my classrom
  • Is no talking in the class when the teacher is talking
  • insult te teacher
  • talk
dress code
  • don't wear boxes
  • wear bikinis to school
  • don't wear to trainers
  • history
  • Essays
  • Expelled

Laia's classroom

Laia's Classroom!

Classroom Rules:
+please don't shout in class, only talk.
+Don't answer back to the teacher
+Wear the right clothes
+Raise your hand
What subject we're going to learn?
+We're going to study new fashion styles!
Dress Code:
+Wear jeans (optionals girls skirt)
+Don't wear the your hair in your face.
+We are usually going to do presentations.
+I will write a note in the student's assigment pad
+If you misbehave we call parents.