Monday, February 2, 2009

ferran's report


The purpose of this report is to recommend two places where you can visit, because I liked to visit them. I have choosen the theme park of tibidabo and Marrakech (Morroko).

Theme park of tibidabo:

Tibidabo is a mountain with a theme park on the top. It isn't very big but you'll enjoy with roller coasters and "the horror hotel". It isn't expensive and you can go in car, walking, in bus or in train.

Marrakech (Morroko):

Marrakech is the capital of Morroko, it's a beautiful city on the north-west of Morroko.You can visit the city with the tourist bus or camels or with a guide.


In conclusion, I believe you'll enjoy in both places, because isn't expensive and is suitable form sitting you with all people you want.

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