Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sagrada Familia and Arc of Triumph report

The purpose of this report is to recommend two possible tourist destinations for a group of visiting students. I have chosen Sagrada Familia and Arc of Triumph.

Sagrada Familia:
Sagrada Familia is a religious monument,because it is a cathedral.It's very nice looking at the outside, but the views are the looking from the inside. It has stairs that go up, and you can see all of Barcelona, but now is re-build becausethe city council wants to make it bigger. In the Sagrada Familia, it's always crowded, for example, with Chinease taking photos.

Arc of Triumph:
Arc of Triumph is a historic monument providing of Roma. This monument only can you outside because is a giant door build of rock. Arc of Triumph don't have inside and the people only take photos of outside monument.

Iwould recommend Sagrada Familia because it is a monument more nice and you can visit the outside and inside.

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