Thursday, January 22, 2009

the beach spa

The beach spa is closed in november for an annual holiday. The service is open 9 a.m to 8 p.m but you can stay in the rooms of the spa every day. The spa is opening all day and you can sleep in the rooms that the spa offers.
You can go to the cold swimming pool and after you can go to the hot tub. You can relaxed with a massage.
In the night you can go to the bar and relaxed drinking a drink and talk with another people.
Also you can walk for the beach.

Eiffel tower

Eiffel tower is free to enter daily except Mondays. The opening times are 7am - 8pm. The palace is closed in September for an annual holiday. Guided tours start at the 7:00 am and close the guide when doesn't have visitors. Visitors may take photos in the tower, but can not take photos in the top. One event very important is when open the light and the tower becomes very beautifful. In the center of tower there is an inscription of one militar hero. This tower is my favourite building in the world.

MiM Hotel

MiM Hotel recepcion is open daily. The opening times are 8:00 - 00:00 h . But the hotel is open to 24 hours to day. The MiM Hotel is a small house with 20 bedrooms for the people enjoy to the nature.

The people can go cicling, and go horseback riding, and the hotel prepare excursions for go to the mountains.

The MiM Hotel is for people with family, couples and friends. For go to the hotel you should book the bedroom.

arc of triumph

The arc of triumph is open daily.It's free to enter, the guided tours start at 9:00 a.m.-22:00p.m. but the guides change tours.People can visit the arc of triumph whenever and can take photos and look the sculpture, read the text in latin, etc...
For the night the arc of triumpg is closed, and one guardian watches.
This sculpture is very important because have a lot of information about the history of Rome and is found in the center of Rome for the all people can look, but don't touch because is forbid.

Monday, January 19, 2009

MMariaa's Palace is open weekly in the opening times you can see
that we open at 7 a.m. - 23 p.m.
In my palace,you can visit all my home.
If you want,you can visit my bedroom and all my personal things,but for visit it
you must pay 100€ more ( not included on the price of the enter ) .
For leave my palace you mast to pay my 200€ more( not included on the price of the enter )
tourist guide guide you for visit all the important rooms and he is only daily and if he
insn't there,you lose.
For take photos you must pay 100€ more ( not included on the price of the enter )
If you stay all the day in the palace you recive a present.
I recomend you for come to MMariaa's Palace!
COME ON!!!!!!!
The price of the enter is 500€
Llurovi's Mansion Holidays and Parties

Llurovi's Mansion is open weekly, on Saturdays. The opening times are 8 a. m. to 12 p. m.
It cost 50 euros to stay at my mansion
There're many things to do at my mansion; in the morning we will take a trip to the mountains beside the mansion or if it's summer we can go to the beach. Then we have lunch for an hour.
The least time of the day it's free time. You can go to the swimming pool or relax in the spa.
At night, we have dinner and then we play at the computer room. We have a competition of a randoom game on the pc or we play online with playstation 3 or xbox 360
Le Mansion d'Orso

Le Mansion d'Orso is open daily except Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The opening times are 10a.m.-9p.m. The mansion is closed in August for an annual clean.

Guided tours start on the hour, every 2 hours. Our professional tour guide will explain the history of the mansion and give a tour of the mansion and of the garden.

Visitors may also buy a guidebook and postcards from the reception desk.

Visitors can't take photographs but the shop sell some special photographs.

During the summer, we have open-air parties in the gardens and regulars fireworks displayes.

During the winter, we have some events. Why not have a look at our website?

Laura Classroom

no fightaing
no talking
dress code
no short dresser
have to wear trainers
no mini skirts
pun is hment
no recess

Ferran's clasroom

My name is ferran.I teach Basketball.

·no talking
·no fighting
·no running
·Wear uniform
·Detention for 8 hours

the best classroom

the best classroom

don't chew bubble gum.
don't talk.
don't run.

dress code:
wear trousers.
wear t-Shirt


videogames, that's the best.


with presentations.


call your parents.
write note to your parents

Video games class

In my class you can't kill your partners,you can't chew bublegum,and you have don't do your homework,If you don't follow the rules we kill you.
You can't wear trousers or jeans in my class.We see your level with an exam.

Judith' S Classroom !!

Hi, my name is Judith,

-You can't shout in class.
-Don't sleep.
-Don't run.

Dress Code:
-No t-shirts with inapropiate language or pictures.
-Don't wear uniform.
-No mini skirts.


-Sit away (from other students) in the corner.
-More homework.
-Call your parents.

HeLeNa'S classroom~*

My name is Helena, I teacher Rhytmic Gymnastics.
-Don't talk back.
-No talking.
-Don't say insults.
Dress code:
-Have to wear uniforms.
-No mini skirts.
-No trainers.
-No recess.
-More homerwork.

David's classroom

David's classroom

The rules my classrom
  • Is no talking in the class when the teacher is talking
  • insult te teacher
  • talk
dress code
  • don't wear boxes
  • wear bikinis to school
  • don't wear to trainers
  • history
  • Essays
  • Expelled

Laia's classroom

Laia's Classroom!

Classroom Rules:
+please don't shout in class, only talk.
+Don't answer back to the teacher
+Wear the right clothes
+Raise your hand
What subject we're going to learn?
+We're going to study new fashion styles!
Dress Code:
+Wear jeans (optionals girls skirt)
+Don't wear the your hair in your face.
+We are usually going to do presentations.
+I will write a note in the student's assigment pad
+If you misbehave we call parents.