Thursday, October 30, 2008


At the moment I'm living in Barcelona, if you want you can visit me when ever you want!!!! My favourite hobby is golf because I'm the 1st in Spain and also I'm the 9th in Europe. My favourite player in golf was Tiger woods but at the moment he had an operation and now he is not playing. Because of this I prefer Rory Mcllroy who is a professional player that started to play well in 2008 and I think that he is doing very well. Now I'm studying in BLUME, a school for athletes. There are players of basketball, football, handball, water polo, synchronized swimming, and other sports with out importance like chess. My favourite food is tomato because it's healthy. This year I'm having the best marks of my life because the school is much easier than last year in Casp school. The last year I was with David and today I'm having a class of enlish with him. In my family there are my parents, my dog and... me!!! I like to play with my dog because he is very active and he never gets tired when he's with me but usually he always on the floor. Bye bye and comment me soon!


My name is David and my favourite hobby is to play hockey in my free time. In my free time, apart from playing hockey, I meet up with my best friends. When I meet up with my friends we go to eat at Pans and Company of "Plaça Urquinaona", but in occasionaly we go to a restaurant and we eat pasta ( that is my favourite food ). In the future I'd like to work or study with sports because I think that it's very important to be fit. I like to do my studies in I.N.E.F.C.. I'm crazy about sports and for the people that love me. I love my best friends and my family.

My Hobby

I like reading books, because I like imagining the story of the people who are described in the book. I read in a lot of places, but usually I read in my house or on the bus. I like a lot of books of fantasy and mystery. In my house, I read in my room because also I leke read without noise. I've read a lot of books, and I can read one book in 3 days if I want to.

My hobby

My favourite hobby is going to the cinema. Every month or week ,I go to the cinema with my boyfriend and sometimes I go with my family. I love romantic and action films. But sometimes I download films from the internet an I watch them alone in my bedroom. With the romantic films I watch on the computer because my boyfriend hates them! I have learned a lot things with the films.

My Hobby

My hobby

My hobbyis play the guitar. I play the guitar with my band. My band's name is PINKIDIOTS. You can hear my band in the web: We create the songs. ALso I like the use computer, chating is my distraction because I speak with my friends.

My hobby

I like to play computer games beacause it's a hobby that I can do everywhere because I only need a computer. Usually I play it at home, but a few times I've played it in a cyber competition. I always play strategy games because they're very interesting. This type of games has a lot of interesting historical things. In the internet these games have tournaments.

All about me

My name is Fernando and I'm seventeen years old. I'm studying 2n Batxillerat and I have a lot of friends. My hobby is playing football with my friends and going to parties.I also writting and reading books and play computer games online. I'm a inteligent person, nice, stressful and like talking with people and studying their problems. I'm living in Barcelona with my parents. My father works in a office and my mother works cleaning the house. In the world of the music, I like more groups of music, for example coldplay, iron maiden, megadeth, etc.. I sing in a music group with my friends. My favourite food is hamburger and spaguetis, I eat a lot. My friends are very good people and they have a big hearts because they help me in a problems of my live.

All about me

My name is Victor, i'm17 years old. I'm studing 2n Batxillerato.I like playing football, basketball and going to the party with my friends,etc...The music that I like is heavy, for example, equilibrium, metallica, mago de oz, also I like a hardcore, etc... Like all food but I don't like vegetables. I live with my parents and my grandparents, in my bedroom I have T.V., PC, and the best bed in the world.
I'm a very good person and nice with my friends, my family, but with the people that don't like I have very bad character.

All about me!

Hello!!!! I'm 17 years old and I live in Barcelona. I study 2 nd bachillerato. I like reading, watching tv and listening to music. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I will live in Barcelona in the future, because I like it, but I will have another flats in other countries. I have a sister. Her name is Aida and she is 14 years old. I like to watch sports on tv. I'm going to the university and I want to travel to a lot of places in the world.


all about me!

Hello! I'm 18 yeras old, and I live in Barcelona. I study 2nd Bachillerato. I like watching Tv and romantic films, and walking with my boyfriend. I will study law in the univerity in Barcelona, and when I will finish my studies I want to travel to New York and other countries.

All about me

My name is Francesc. When I was a child I used to play football every day but nowadays I don't play it a lot. Instead of it I pass most of my time playing computer games or doing homework from school. Since last year I've started Bachillerato and I always pass all the subjects. Probably I'm not the best student that the school has ever had but how I always say that I did what was necessary to pass and I think that is all I want to say here.


Hello my name is Adrián. I live in Barcelona since 1995, previosly I lived in Piera (Igualada). My hobby is music, I play the guitar and sing. My favourite style of music is Pop-Rock anbd Pop-Punk. You can hear my band in the web:
I lived with my father and mother, but they are divorced now. My brother also laves Pop-Punk music.
My lives is different but I lile it.


Monday, October 27, 2008

My hobby

My favourite hobby is football; watching it and playing it.
I play football in a team and I train every Mondays and Wednesdays and I play a match at weekends.
I'm a Barça fan and my grandfather has got two sits in Barça's stadium so we go to every match.
My favourite football player is Leo Messi and I'd like to be like him but I know it is impossoble because he is so strong.
Next Sunday I'm going to know Xavi Hernández.

My hobby

Lots of people have different hobbies.
Some of them collect things, and after they exchange them with their classmates, other people hobbies' are all sorts of sports..

My hobbies are basically taking photos of the places I've been, or taking photos of my family and friends.
After taking them, I love to select them and to make a beautiful albums with the best photos. I also add some information or tickets from the cinema, the theatre, or restaurants.

But I've got a problem.

I've taken too many photos and even the photos I've selected are too many for an album!

***BCN girl***
My hobbies..

Is listening to music and writing the lyrics to learn the song.
I like speaking in MSN too,because I can speak
with people that I can'tmeet,and the most important,

If I have more money,I can travell to exotic places and I love
it,but it's not much probably..
When I'm older I wish that I have a lot of money for travell
and for more things.

Take photos to places that I visit and take photos to my friends,
for in the future,I can remember what I did before.

kisses! (KKKK)


My hobby

My favorite hobby is playing computer games. I love on-line games, because I play with some friends and I met new people. It's cooperative and it's role game, so we play together and we go as a group to get new clothes from the monsters to be stronger, to get money for buy food, go to the hairdresser, go to a battleground, to train yourself... In this game , called World of Warcraft, you can do a lot of things; kill enemies, help your friends, explore new zones, do a job, do quests, etc.
I like to watch movies at the cinema, but I prefer to see them at home. It's more comfortable.

The best hobby

My hobby is a strange, but famous hobby.
My hobby is reading manga comics and collecting them.
I have a lot of them and other things: figures, posters, DVDs, games...
The first manga that I read was "Dr.Slump".
With this manga, I learned to read japanese comics.
My favourite author is Akira Toriyama, the creator of " Bola de Drac" and "Dr.Slump", but there ara more author, like Tsugumi Oba, the guionist of " Death note" , Takeshi Obata, the drawer of "Death note" and Rumiko Takahashi, the author of "Ranma 1/2".
If you enter in my room, you would see a lot of these spectacular mangas.



му fανσυяιтє ѕρσят!

Hi it's Laia again and my favourite sport is volleyball, I like it because I think that I'm good at it.
I play volleyball in my school and in my village with my sister.
In the school I play it with my friends.
For play volleyball I wear shorts, T-shirt and comfortable footwear (trainers for example)
I usually play it during the summer.
In the school I play volleyball all the year.
My friends and I play volleyball in the school patio, in the beach, in the street, or next to the swimming pool.
We usually play it with two or three teams, while two teams are playing, one team stays sits on the bench.
One team over the net and someone serve the ball.
We use the basic equipment, a ball and sometimes a net.


my favourite sport:

my favourite sport is tennis because that's exciting.
I play in c/Perú with Selva de Mar. I play with my teacher my friends and my family. I put a trainers and trainers and T-shirt and more. I like because I do this. Iplay tennis at friday and at weekend with my uncle and friends. I put on a tail and play with raquets and balls. I wear a raquet and balls.

My favorite Sport

My favorite sport is Gimnastics Rytmics.
I do sport in a two different schools, the names are: PROVENÇALS and SANT JOAN DE RIBERA.
I do sport with my friends.
The clothes I wear is a "Mallot".
I like do Gimnastics Rythmics because, I like dance, and have a flexiblity.
I play on Saturdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I open my legs, extend my arms, legs.. etc...and other...
I use a material for do a dance in a competition, ball, "massas,aros,cintas,cuerda....".
When I were old, I continuet have gymnastics ritmics.

My Favourite Sport

I haven't got any favourite sport, but if I choose one I choose BASKETBALL.
My favourite sport is Basketball, I like it because I like put the ball the basket and is very funny because you can pass the ball with other people.
I play it at the weekend with my family and thursday and friday with school.
When we play I wear a chandal and the equipment do use is a basketball ball, 2 baskets and a camp.
I play in the school and in the park, in the park with my father and my sister and in the school with my friends and my classmates.
I play shot the ball and dribble the ball.
Finally I like play Basketball, but I prefers Dancing, of course.

Beaming With Information

My favourite sport is BASKETBALL. I play in a team, and we play machs. We wear a red t-shirt and red trausers. I like basketball because is a intereant(I think) sport. I play to basketball: Monday, Wenesday, thursday and saturday. In basketball we make a shot and dribble.The equipament is: a sport chotes, aball, a basket and a court.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My School

My middle school has a lot of courses and small classrooms. It is a great middle school because I stay find in a school! Because is obligatory and I study with portable computers, paper and exams.

Monday, October 20, 2008

New York City

I always wanted to see New York.

I think that It's one of the most spectaculaR cities in the world, and you'll able to see a lot of types of diferent people from all over the world, It's a very cosmopolitan and international city.

I love also the views and the sights of New York, particulary the skyscrapers' sights.
I'd love d to see the twin towels, but I didn't go before the 11-s.

I like also a lot NYC, cause since I was little I've seen a lot of films that are made un New York, so, If I'll go, I can see a lot of famouse places like the central park, the 5th avenue, some famouse hotels,...

I said to my friends that we have to save money, because when we'll be 18, we'll go together to New York.


*** BCN girl***

My travel

In the future, I would like to travel to Japan. Maybe you are thinking: Why?
I think that Japan is very strange but the people is really friendly.
I think that in the future I'm going to live in Japan, maybe two or three months.
Japan is the country of manga.
My dream is meet Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball and Dr.slump.


I've always wanted to go to Hawaii. It's like paradise with sun every day and a lot of beaches. There I will do nothing I will real every day. Probably I will see some sharks because they like hot water. I suppouse that Hawai's people are always celebrating parties and dancing all nigth. It would be fantastic.


I'm 14 years old.
But,in november I will be 15 :) I have a sister and her name is Yaiza.She is 6 years old. My mother's name is Susana.She is 32 years old. My father's name is Angel.He is 33 years old. In my free time.. ·I like to go shopping with my friends or my mother. ·Take photos to places,and people who I meet. ·Chat in MSN! ·And of course,speak all the time! :) In future I would like to work in phsicology because the people says that I'm very good at listening to other people and helping them when they need it. Or social worker to help people in need. I'm not very good at studying but I wish that I was. A LOT OF KISSES! (KKKKKKKKKKKK) # MMAARiiAAAA'

All about me...

Hey, I'm a student of 4th. I have one little sister called Carla. She's 11. Basically my hobbies are: Taking photos, meeting friends, going out, watching films and going to the cinema, ... (The typical things that everyone writes) I like a lot doing new things and having new expiriences and I love traveling. I'd love to work in something that makes me travel a lot and taking a lot of photos. I practise my English writing to a Yorkshire girl called Alice. This summer I went to her house and I stayed with her family during two weeks. I enjoyed very much living with an english family and I really recomend it to anyone that want to learn English. After she and her sister went to Barcelona for visiting it. They had a great time. XOX
*** BCN girl ***

All about me

My name is Jonny and I'm 15 years old and I'm studying in ETPC. My birthday is on February, so I'm Aquarius. I'm not very tall and I've brown hair and green eyes. I use to be a little shy in the starts of a relationship. My pet is a budgerigard called Confit. I love football and I play in a team called Barcino ( but really, I would like to play for another team). Every night that Barça plays here, I go with my grandfather to see the match. Anotner sport that I also like is sky.

I like to travell too, and the best place that I've visited until now is Venice. I would like to be a football player in the futur but, how I know that it's impossible , I'm thinking to go to Las Vegas to be a CSI.

My favourite music grup is Jonas Brothers and my favourite TV progam was Dragon Ball until I discovered The Inspector Poirot, a detective's programme based on the novells by Agatha Christie.

All about Lluís


My name is Lluís and I'm fifteen years old. I was born in Barcelona and I have lived there all my life. I'm studying for E.S.O. certificate in ETPClot. I live with my family and we are five in my house. My hobbies are: playing computer games (WoW, especially), watching films and meeting friends. I love this computer game called World Of Warcraft, it's very fun to play with your friends online and cooperate with them . I like to study biology, so in the future I will became a biologist. Maybe I'll get married, but actually I haven't found a good girl, and maybe I'll buy my own car and flat. Perhaps I won't have enough money but dreams are free!

All about me

My name is Mikel and I'm 15 years old.
I have 3 brothers.
All of my life I have lived in Barcelona.
My favourite subject it's maths because I really like numbers and I hate geography.
My favourite animal is a dog because they are very funny.
My hobbies are reading comics, preferably mangas, and playing videogames, for example: final fantasy, kingdom hearts,...
In the future, I'm going to learn Japanese because I'm going to live for two or three months in Japan.
Maybe this dream can be possible.

My school

My middle school has a lot of courses and small classrooms. It is a great middle school because I stay find in a school! Because is obligatory and I study with portable computers, paper and exams. I learn a maths, catalan, english, spanish, etc.

the school


All About Me

Hello my name is David, is a one brother, y like play basketbool, and computer surf the internet, play game cube and Xbox 360 y play it for a few hours sometimes.

all about me

Hi frieds!!!! My name is Adria. I like the sports: tennis (i play it) , football, ... Ilike dogs. I have a lot of friends. I have a one brother, one dad and a mum. I like to sleep and play whith my friends, my parents, my grandparents, with playstation and wii. Ilike to watch TV and i'm thirteen. I live in Barcelona . My school is E.T.P.Clot. It's a good school. I belibe in God and a Karma.


Hi ! I'm 13 years old, I have one sister, her name is Noelia, she is 9 years old.

I like to exdercise, my favourite sports are basketball and swimming. I like eat my favourite food is pasta and pizza , meat too. I'm a student of 3th ESO.

My treasures are my clothes, because I love go shopping with my friends, and we buy a lot of clothes, my favourites shop are Bershka, Stradivarius, Zara etc... My favourite shoes clothes is Mari Paz, and Bershka too.

In my free time, after school, I do my homework and msn, and now I am going to an english class (academy). My favourite hobbie is singing, because I love to sing and in the future I will be a singer.

But I love going to the DISCOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! :D I love dancing!

My favourite actress is Cameron Diaz. And my favourite singer are Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lobato, Angy, Jonas Brothers and Pignoise.

When I go to the DISCOOO!!!! I go up in the stages of the DISCOOOO!!!

My favourite TV program is OT in special the singer MANU CASTELLANO! I love he.

All about L@üReTT@^^

My name is Laura.L@üReTT@
I am 14 year old.
I like to play tennis and play basketball.
I do not like school and science and maths.
I like to miusic ; sing ; my favourite are red and black.
and when I go to the disco I dance in the stages with Judit.
I like pop miusic and group like Juanes, Oreja de Vangog, Amaral.

I don't like fish and

potatoe.I don't

play football.

All About HeLeNa!*


My name is HeLeNa, I'm 13 years old, my birthday is 19 of november. My favorite color is blue, my food is eggs, pasata and pizza.

I like to do rythmic gimnastics, watch TV , play computer games, and meet with my friends.

I have brown eyes and my hair is long and the color black.

I'm not very big... I always wear accessories, and rings. I have one brother and his name is Josep.

In the summer I always go to my village. It's name is Vilosell.

My favorite palce is Vilosell, because is a only place who I see my cousins.

I have a good time with Marta(cousin), in a my village we play a play station and inveited a dance or a song, and go to a park.

My favorite singer is MANU CASTELLANO!, angy and Pignoise.

All about Laia! =D

Hello my name is Laia, I'm 14 years old. I like draw manga. On fridays at 6.00 to 8.00 h in the afternoon I go to a painting school.
I've got one little sister, her name is Mireia, she is 10 years old.
I like to sing a lot, but bot in public. If I sing in public my face turns red! =S

My favourite music groups are High School Musical and Camp Rock. My favourite song from Camp Rock are This is Me and Who will I be. =P

My favourite singers are Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and more.

I usually meet with my friends, but in weekdays I don't, because I do my homework.

My favourite colours are Pink and Purple, but I prefer other colours when I boy clothes, shoes... etc. My favourite shops are: Bershka, Stradivarius, Bijou Brigitte and Claire's and every shoes shops.

I like to play videogames, I've got WII, PLAY STATION2, NINTENDO DS LITE, A LAPTOP...

My favourite videogames that I have are: Sims2, wii fit, de Blob, Hannah montana World tour, Harvest Moon, Singstar...

My favourite TV series are: Waverly Place Wizards, Hannah Montana, Pichi Pichi Pitch (Pure),


My favourite food are: Doritos, Twisters, (chips in general), beef, soup, chocolate, vainilla ice cream... (everything sweet) and jam!

And this is all about me!

All about me


My favourite tv programmes are Polonia, vinagre and crakovia in Tv3.My favourite sport is basketball and I play on a team, named. My favourite entertainment are computer games and playstation2. My favourite music is mago de oz it's heavy metal. My favourite singers are Jhon Lennon, Phil Collins and oreja de vangoh. I live in Baarcelona and I have family in Valencia and France.