Thursday, October 30, 2008


At the moment I'm living in Barcelona, if you want you can visit me when ever you want!!!! My favourite hobby is golf because I'm the 1st in Spain and also I'm the 9th in Europe. My favourite player in golf was Tiger woods but at the moment he had an operation and now he is not playing. Because of this I prefer Rory Mcllroy who is a professional player that started to play well in 2008 and I think that he is doing very well. Now I'm studying in BLUME, a school for athletes. There are players of basketball, football, handball, water polo, synchronized swimming, and other sports with out importance like chess. My favourite food is tomato because it's healthy. This year I'm having the best marks of my life because the school is much easier than last year in Casp school. The last year I was with David and today I'm having a class of enlish with him. In my family there are my parents, my dog and... me!!! I like to play with my dog because he is very active and he never gets tired when he's with me but usually he always on the floor. Bye bye and comment me soon!

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