Monday, October 20, 2008

All About HeLeNa!*


My name is HeLeNa, I'm 13 years old, my birthday is 19 of november. My favorite color is blue, my food is eggs, pasata and pizza.

I like to do rythmic gimnastics, watch TV , play computer games, and meet with my friends.

I have brown eyes and my hair is long and the color black.

I'm not very big... I always wear accessories, and rings. I have one brother and his name is Josep.

In the summer I always go to my village. It's name is Vilosell.

My favorite palce is Vilosell, because is a only place who I see my cousins.

I have a good time with Marta(cousin), in a my village we play a play station and inveited a dance or a song, and go to a park.

My favorite singer is MANU CASTELLANO!, angy and Pignoise.

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