Monday, October 27, 2008

му fανσυяιтє ѕρσят!

Hi it's Laia again and my favourite sport is volleyball, I like it because I think that I'm good at it.
I play volleyball in my school and in my village with my sister.
In the school I play it with my friends.
For play volleyball I wear shorts, T-shirt and comfortable footwear (trainers for example)
I usually play it during the summer.
In the school I play volleyball all the year.
My friends and I play volleyball in the school patio, in the beach, in the street, or next to the swimming pool.
We usually play it with two or three teams, while two teams are playing, one team stays sits on the bench.
One team over the net and someone serve the ball.
We use the basic equipment, a ball and sometimes a net.


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