Monday, October 27, 2008

my favourite sport:

my favourite sport is tennis because that's exciting.
I play in c/Perú with Selva de Mar. I play with my teacher my friends and my family. I put a trainers and trainers and T-shirt and more. I like because I do this. Iplay tennis at friday and at weekend with my uncle and friends. I put on a tail and play with raquets and balls. I wear a raquet and balls.

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English Language Student said...

Hi Helena! I like play tennis too, because I think that it's funny and you can have a great time.
I played with you tennis in the school do you remember?
You, our classmates and me?
In physical education?
If you don't know who I am guess it! I give you a clue ok?
I go with you to English academy =P
Bye Helena!
See you soon!