Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Activities

Have fun with Christmas!

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

My favourite outfit

Apparence and personality
Hi! I'm from soain, and I'm 17 years old. I'm shorter than other people my age. I'm energetic, intelligent and funny but sometimes I'm also serious. I like reading and watching tv but also I like play sports.

Favourite clothes.
My favourite clothes are a jeans with a T-shirt and trainers or boots. I like confortable clothes and informal clothes to go to school, but when I go to another place I like clothes confortable but also formal clothes. Usually I wear jeans, t-shirts, shirts, boots and trainers.

My favourite outfit
I like jeans because it's more confortable to walk and to go to a lot of places and Ilike to go to the school. I like wear blue clothes and black clothes, because this colour of clothes it's more formal for me.

My favourite outfit

Aparence and personality
Hi! I'm 18 years old and I'm talkative, helpful and energetic. I'm very optimistic and I love laughing with my friends. I like sports and go to the cinema with my family. I'm very energetic and do very things, but I love staying in my house. Also I'm impatient and nervous.

Favourite clothes
I like comfortable clothes for every day, but I love formal clothes (for example: dresses, shoes, bags..etc). I wear informal and comfortable clothes (for exemple: shirts, trousers, boots, trainers..etc).

Outfit special
My favourite outfit is a red thight shirt , black trousers and black shoes, because I like wear formal and simple clothes. I think that the clothe more important is the shoes. And I wear formal clothes when I go in important events and visiting my boyfriend.

my favorite outfit

Appearence and personality:
Hi, my name is Francesc, I'm 17 years old and I'm tall. I like football but I never wear sport clothes because I like informal clothes except for when I'm playing football and I wear sporty clothes.
I'm inteligent and usually I'm serious too. Sometimes I can be impatient but never adventurous.

Favorite clothes:
My favorite clothes are one blue shirt and my light gray trousers because are more comfortables than the other clothes that I have.

Why is this outfit especial:
This outfit is special because is the older that I have and is comfortable. I wear this outfit to go everywhere because it is informal but is perfect for every situation.

my favourite outfit

Appearance and personality:
Hi! my name is Victor I'm from Spain, I'm 17 years old. I like footlball and basketball, but now I'm practising kick boxing. I'm a funny person with all people.

Favorite clothes:
I like informal clothes bacause is cheap and very nice, sometimes I wear sport clothes when I'm playing sport.

Why is this outfit special:
Because help you to follow the people fashion and like yourself.

Monday, December 1, 2008

My favourite outfit

Hi, I'm ..........., and I'm from Barcelona. I'm fifteen years old and cheerful. I really like volleyball, bult I don't wear sports clothes. Sometimes, I can be really serious.

My favourite clothes are my old and news jeans, my T-shirts and my trainers. I prefer old jeans and new trainers, because there are more comfortable.

When I'm wearing this outfit, I feel comfortable and cheerful, don't ask me why, maybe because this clothes express my personality.
I like red, because it is impactful, black, because I feel more secure and white, if it is vey clean.


Let me introduce myself.
My name is Maria and I'm from
BCN.I'm fifteen years old and my high is normal.
I like meeting people,speaking,chatting in MSN,going
shopping...All the thinks that you can with other persons.

I don't have a concret style,I like feel comfortable but something
that I like to wear.I love the complements:earings,necklace,bracelet...
Sometimes I share the clothes with my mum,because she is
younger than the normal mothers.And we have the similar style.

My favourite outfit is something that it's unusual but it's
nice to see.I don't like to wear the clothes that the other people wear..


My favorite outfit

Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name's Lluís and I'm from Spain. I'm fifteen years old. I'm quite impatient and lazy, but I can be reliable when I want.ç

I don't really have favourite outfit, I wear sporty clothes like baggy jeans, trainers or T-shirts.

I don't like to wear something really formal because it's uncomfortable and it isn't on the wave.

When I'm wearing something I've bought recently I want that people say: "Nice clothes" or "It's cool". It makes me feel happy.

But most of people focuse on the kind of style you wear. Be who you want! Wear something that makes you comfortable and clothes you really like.

My favourtie outfit

Let me introduce myself.
I'm a very talkative and energetic girl, and I enjoy a lot going to the cinema, reading "Fotogramas", and traveling and I love to take photos.
I don't have a special favourite outfit. I think that I just like some types of style, and my style is a mixture of them. I think I don't have a definite style, and I'm always changing my opinion.
Well, I like a lot the feminine clothes, especially skirts, and classic tights, but I don't wear most of this because I don't usually found the clothes I want when I go shopping.
I 'm also keen on jeans, and stylish an original shirts or blouses, this is the types of clothes I wear moer often, but I'd like to dress up myself, but I don't have the occasion.

****BCN girl*****

Sporting challenge

My name is David, I'm 13 years ago, live in Barcelona.
I like to play Basketbool and futbool and bolley and cycling, is very funny and interest.
I can jump, run ,cycling.

PS:watch programme Tv in a sports



My name's Ferran and I'm twelve. I live in Barcelona with my father and my mother. We live in a big flat
. Well, what can I tell you about myself? I like the school and I am good at maths. I like the spiders and snakes, my dream is I going to a snake in my hause. I am interested with them.
Byefor new.

Do you want to be a superstar?

My name's Helena and I'm fourteen.I live in Barcelona with my parents and my brother.
Well,what can I tell you about myself? I like sing, dance and do gymnastics ritmic.In fact, I'm especially interested sing.Always when I stay in my house, I began a sing.My microfon is fascinating.
When I have sixteen years, I go to Operacion Triunfo.
My favorite singer is MANU CASTELLANO DELGADO.
My dream is superstar.
My wish is a famous people and a good singer.


PS: I love sing!:D


My name is Judit and I'm thirteen years old. I live in Barcelona with my family. We live in a normally flat in Clot next to a park between the mountain and the sea.
I love sing and dancing, but sing is my passion. When I was children I love the music, but now when I start to see OT, come my inspiration, I love sing every minut I put my microfone and I start to sing.
I have a lot of favourite singers but my favourite singer is MANU CASTELLANO DELGADO, because he had all is perfect.
Now I want to go a sing lessons, because my future is the music.
When I was 16-17 I go to OT.

sporting challenge

HI . I'm ADRIA and i'm therteen, i'm the best. i like do sport all because i'm a sportman. i live with my family, dad mum brother and rabbit!!!!, we are a happy family . i'm good at all.
sometimes i go with my family
to the other citis and towns.
i hardly ever saw sports programme because in the tv hardly ever put sports programme.
i like tennis because i'm good at.
i'm good at tennis, football and more sports
my favourite tennist is novak djovik because is the best

PS: i want to be biggest tenist arround the world

sport challanges


My name is Victor and im twelve. i live in Barcelona, a city in Catalonia, Spain. I live with my family and my turtle we are a happy family.
I like sports and im very good, I usully play football in school. In P.E. clases I'm very fast and I win all the challanges.

PS : I want to be in the programme to learn about other sports

SupeRstaR challeNge!

My name is Laia and I'm fourteen. I live in Barcelona with my family. We live in a flat near some shopping centres and next to the beach in the Gran Via.
Well, in fact I like read, draw and singing, of course. I've got some videogames for PlayStation2 which with them you can sings the songs you like.
I am always downloading music in my laptop to listen them and learn them. I often listen music in my home. My favourite pop stars are Vanessa Hudgens and I love her new son, Identified; and Miley Cyrus. HSM and CAMP ROCK song I think that they're great.
In school I'm good at Art and English, they're my favourite subjects. But in school we don't sing much, so when I'm in home I wake up the real me. I think that I've got a nice voice, but my sister doesn't think the same than me and my friends, probably she's got a different ear than us XD
In the future, I want to be a fashion designer, I love design clothes!
But I like too to be a famous pop singer, everyone will know who you are!

Bye for now! And in the future possible I'll be a famous person!