Monday, December 1, 2008

SupeRstaR challeNge!

My name is Laia and I'm fourteen. I live in Barcelona with my family. We live in a flat near some shopping centres and next to the beach in the Gran Via.
Well, in fact I like read, draw and singing, of course. I've got some videogames for PlayStation2 which with them you can sings the songs you like.
I am always downloading music in my laptop to listen them and learn them. I often listen music in my home. My favourite pop stars are Vanessa Hudgens and I love her new son, Identified; and Miley Cyrus. HSM and CAMP ROCK song I think that they're great.
In school I'm good at Art and English, they're my favourite subjects. But in school we don't sing much, so when I'm in home I wake up the real me. I think that I've got a nice voice, but my sister doesn't think the same than me and my friends, probably she's got a different ear than us XD
In the future, I want to be a fashion designer, I love design clothes!
But I like too to be a famous pop singer, everyone will know who you are!

Bye for now! And in the future possible I'll be a famous person!

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