Monday, December 1, 2008

My favourtie outfit

Let me introduce myself.
I'm a very talkative and energetic girl, and I enjoy a lot going to the cinema, reading "Fotogramas", and traveling and I love to take photos.
I don't have a special favourite outfit. I think that I just like some types of style, and my style is a mixture of them. I think I don't have a definite style, and I'm always changing my opinion.
Well, I like a lot the feminine clothes, especially skirts, and classic tights, but I don't wear most of this because I don't usually found the clothes I want when I go shopping.
I 'm also keen on jeans, and stylish an original shirts or blouses, this is the types of clothes I wear moer often, but I'd like to dress up myself, but I don't have the occasion.

****BCN girl*****

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