Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer time

This holiday I am going to travel to different cities in Spain.

I am going to go to the beach or to the mountains.

I'm going to meet with my friends and with my family.

I like the summer because I do many diferent things.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Awesome Comics Webquest

Use the link below to complete the Awesome Comics Webquest activity.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Have you ever been in Vallgh? I’ve been because I invented it and it’s in Italy and a lots of Italians have dead there.

I’ve come to Italy and a lot of Spanish are throwing lemons in the street and pubic places and a lot of Italians crying. I’ve arrive at 12 p.m. and a lots of suicides waiting me for kill me but I kill them it was fantastic, fascinating and exciting.
I’ve seen a and I kill them. I’ve watching a my best friend and I kill them too.

I’ve have a happy day. It’s an experience.

Have you ever been futbool festival, meet the best football teams, is going to do champion.

I’ve come to Barcelona. There are lots of fantastic games.

I’ve seen to playing Barça vs. Madrid 2-6

I’ve had a great day

Have you ever been at Vallgh? I been at Italy and I’ve seen the biggest lemon party in the world.

I’ve come to Italy and there are lots of Spanish people throwing lemons at the poor Italians and its fascinating how the people

Throw the lemons. At dinner time we ate lots of pizza with lemon. We drank lots of lemonade. This year the people throw the lemons to Manchester United because they lose with Barça.

I’ve seen an Italian dead in the floor but police couldn’t do anything because everybody throw lemons. There are a lot of hooligans YOU MOST BE CARFUL.


~ [.....beach party....]*

Have you ever been in Ibiza the beach party?
I’ve just arrived it is fantastic, interesting, the festival
fireworks the big festival .

The festival was celebration in a space in the air like a beach, in the Garrotxa (vall d’ En Bas)

I’ve seen the friends and 1 famous Ismael .
Ismael sang is the song ‘’dame dame bessos ‘’

I’ve eaten tortolines , the cookies , the ships, etc…

I’ve listening music pop, teckno , rock etc…

I’ve had an incredible experience and day!

Muusiic Feestiivaal*

Have you ever listened music very important in this last years? I’ve just listened and seen the compositors the this music, for example, you listened and seen Kate Perry, Manu Castellano, Beyonce, Hannah Montana, etc…

The music festival celebrated in a local, in New York city.
The local is very big, have a lot of lights, sell a different food the diferents countries, the same with the drinks.
You can give a autograph a famous person (singer), and take a fotographie, and dance with famous person!

I’ve seen a famous person, and this local, you can watch a film, you choose a different tipes, for example, romantic, adventures, frightening, etc.

Please, go in this festival!, is a amazing experience.
The music is your life?.