Thursday, November 27, 2008

the computers broke down

If all the computers in the wolrd broke down , I would say NOOOOOOOOO! Because for us it is the most important instrument to work and to talk with our friends and things like that.


If I was the president of USA I would stop all wars of the world because I don't like the violence and I like the peace. I would help the countries of the 3rd world and I would send food to them.

The world without school

If nobody had to go to school, all the children in the universe would be happy, the world would be much better and the children wouldn't have to be angry with someone that pass in the street.

Pure love

If my girlfriend went to live in Iraq, I would be very sad because I love she. I would feel very sad because mi girlfriend give me love. I would visit her one week of month and I speak with her on the messenger.

phrasal verbs

Now it is winter, you have to wrap up, because it is very cold. With the you change the look, you catch on person. I pick up a new jean in the shop this morning. I throw off the shoes playing football and I broken the windows. The shop show off the shirt that I like. I wear out the jeans when I arrive in my home. The shop under my house sell out all clothes.

Fashion phrasal verbs

I want to buy new trainers before the shop sells out all of them.
The new fashion of jeans and blue jackets caught on the people very quickly.
He went to school only to show off his new hat.
Are you going to pick up new clothes when you go shopping?
My old trousers were very ugly and bad so finally they wore out.
It's rainning, remember to wrap up.
I throw off the jacket after I used it.

Fashion phrasal verbs

- After I bought clothes they caught on in the school.
- I love to pick up new clothes in the center of Barcelona.
- I saw the black jacket but when I returned the jacket sold out.
- My friend when he buy new clothes he show off for the job.
- He when arrived in my house threw off her coast in the bed.
- My coat after the one year it wear out.
- The other day my mother told me to wrap up because do cold.


Today I'm going to school with new jacket that is a fashion that has caught on. When I went to buy my jacket, the shop sold out, and the price was very cheap. Also I picked up two t-shirts and two shoes that colour was black. When I went to school I showed off my jacked and my friends were surprised. You need to wrap up because is cold. My mother threw off my old jacket and she gave to my best friend.

fashion phrasal verbs

  • the hats caught on very early
  • I picked up a new jacket this morning
  • I went to the shop to buy a trousers but the shop sold out all the trousers
  • he showed off his new jacket to all people
  • I threw off my coat on my bed
  • these trainers wore out two years ago
  • I wrap up with jackets because today it's cool

Monday, November 24, 2008


This afternoon, I'm wrapping up with a jacket.
I wore out these old trainers after a long time.
In the morning, I throw off my jacket on the chair.
I never show off.
Today, I don't pick up something.
I think that fashion catching on is a stupid idea.
This store sold out all the shirts today.
Early arrive my birthday and I pick up new clothes.
The shops,now are on sale and they want to sell out the other
seasons clothes.
I wore out a old jacket that I wore a lot of times.
Now,arrive winter too,and I need to wrap up.
When I start school I show off my new clothes to my friends.
And I'm sure that my new style will catch on.
When I arrive home,I throw off my new jacket.
i'm very intelligent, i like play with my friends because are my friends .

he is very intelligent.

she isn't very intelligent

Present Continuous and Present Simple

Present Simple : (3 sentences)
I usually play at Wii at the weekend.
I go to Helena's 14 party.
I read a book about fairies.

Present Continuous: (3 sentences)
This week I'm swimming.
I am doing my homework for school now.
I am working in my new laptop.

p.c. and p.s sentences

He is looking for him.
She is doing my homework.
David is playing "gears of war 2".

I usually do my homework.
He is very stupid.
She is very smart.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Job with my famili

My father is a doctor in the hospital.He helps to the operation. My brother is a rescue worker he helps people. A want to be to computer pirate, is very inetresting on know functions of the computer.
my dad is a salesman. he sells mobils phones and targets of vodafone, movistar, orange ,... my mum is a secretary in mutua dels adbocats de cataluña. she helps her boss and she plays solitario on internet.
i want to be a journalist because i like information other persons and travel around the world.
the journalist inform other persons.....
My dad is pharmacist. The pharmacist makes medicine of Almirall. My mother is computer tecnologist of Almirall. The computer tecnologist control the computers.I want to be an industrial engineer. The engineers make a cars, planes, bus, taxi, underline, trains, motos, etc.
My dad is an tutor,he helps people to do opostions. My mum is a recepcionist, she helps the workers in office. I don't know want I want to be. I DON'T WANT TO BE A MANUELA

Sunday, November 16, 2008

17/11/08 ESO A - Class Assignment

Today we are going to practice using the vocabulary and grammar we learned in class. Follow the links below:

1. British Council Job Page - play the games, take the quiz and read the story.

2. Jobs - here you will practice matching descriptions of what people do to the job title.

3. Create a new blog post.

  • Write down the jobs that people in your family do. Then describe what a person who has this job does. For example: My dad is a plumber. A plumber fixes water pipes, baths, and toilets.
  • Then write about a job that you would like to have and describe what a person who has this job does. For example: I want to be a doctor. A doctor helps people when they are ill.
4. Practice using the present simple tense and the present continuous tense.

5. Create a new blog post.
  • Write 3 sentences using the present simple tense and 3 sentences using the present continuous tense.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

- I get down because I fail the exams.
- If he looks down on the other people , he 'll be alone.
- My friends said to me that they would go out and I turned them down.
- The yesterday I came down with very bad an I have stomacache.
- I put down my cat when it was very ill.

Phrasal verbs with down

  • I turned down your offer to go out because I'm ill
  • The new student looks down on all the other students
  • I come down with a cold, I have a fever.
  • I put down my dog because it was ill.
  • All the romantic strories get down me.

Phrasal verbs

He came down with a sickness.
He looks down on him because he thinks that he has better than him.
He turned down the offer.
The vet put down the animals.
Killing people gets me down.

Time idioms

Take your time to finish this.
Can you finish it in time?
Are you going to arrive on time?
Pleas make time to answer my questions.
After the exam I'll kill time.
Does she have a lot of time in her hands to play basketball?

Time Idioms !!

- I think that for studies you should take your time.
- I arrived at school on time for do the exam.
- In holidays I have the time in my hands.
- I finished my exam in time for in the hour class.
- When I want to kill time, I watch the Tv or search for things in my computer.
- I say to my boyfriend that he should make time for me.

Time idioms

  • you should take your time to eat dinner, it's bad eat fast!
  • you have to arrive on time to the station before the train leave.
  • tomorrow I will have time on my hands because I don't go to school.
  • I finished my homework in time to give to my teacher.
  • I read a book to kill time in my house.
  • I have to study but I make time to help my sister.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Phrasal verbs with down

+If you get down, I'll help you smile. +I hate my partner so I look down on him, because I know that i'm better than him.
+My father offer my a cheap car and I turn down, because I mistrust him. +If you walk under the rain, You come down with ill. +My vet was to put down, because it was too old

Llurovi's Phrasal Verbs With Down

·The mafia turned down their offer and he escaped with the money.
·Her bulldog is going to be put down, they will kill it because it is ill.
·He is always looking down on you; he thinks he is perfect.
·I get down when I don't pass an exam.
·Jorge didn't come to class because yesterday he came down on a cold.

MOS Phrasal Verbs With Down

The police put down her offer.
I look down on him, and I think I'm better than him.
I come down on a bad illness.
If I put a dog down, I help it.
Her illness is getting her down.

Johann - Phrasal verbs with down

  • Don't get down, you will do it better next time.
  • She always looks down on us because she thinks she is better than us.
  • I turned down his question, I found it stupid.
  • I came down with the medicine they gave to me.


  • She always gets me down with her words.
  • She's so proud of herself, she always looks down on everybody.
  • I turned down his date.
  • She came down with aids.
  • The vet put the horse down.
***BCN Girl***

MOS Time Idioms

Since I have a dog, I haven't got a lot of time on my hands.
I play videogames to kill time.
I must to make time for myself, because I'm very busy.
When I'm reading comics, I have to take my time and look all the pictures.
The race start on time.
We meet with my friends in time, because we are going to see a film.

Llurovi's Time Idioms

·I have to get home right now in time to see "Prison Break"
·I usually read spanish comics to kill time.
·Since it's autumn, we haven't got any time on our hands.
·The teacher must talk to me, but he can't make time for me.
·The programme isn't starting on time because they will show a football match.
·When my mother is bored, she kills time looking for webs on the Internet.
·I always have to take my own time to do a work for the school.


  • Don't study the whole exam today, take your time to do it!
  • You have to bring me the composition on time, not one week late!
  • Since she's a widow, she has a lot of time on her hands.
  • We were just in time to see her win the match.
  • We have to kill a lot of time if we don't want to be bored.
  • She's so busy with her new boyfriend, but she must make time for me!
***BCN girl***

Johann - Time Idioms

  • Don't do it so fast, take your time.
  • We must be on time at bus station, if we're not, we will miss the bus.
  • Sometimes, she feels bored because she has got a lot of time on her hands.
  • We arrived at school in time to do the exam.
  • The film dosen't start until half past seven so we have to find some way to kill time.
  • You should make time for homework in your full schedule.

Time Idioms

+The composition is too difficult to do in five minutes,you have to take your time.
+You must bring it to me on time because you'll fail.
+I broke my leg and I can't go to work so now I have time on my hands.
+I brought the composition to my teacher in time before it was late.
+When I'm boring I kill time playing in computer games.
+... but now I have a girlfriend and I have to make time to be with her.