Monday, October 20, 2008

New York City

I always wanted to see New York.

I think that It's one of the most spectaculaR cities in the world, and you'll able to see a lot of types of diferent people from all over the world, It's a very cosmopolitan and international city.

I love also the views and the sights of New York, particulary the skyscrapers' sights.
I'd love d to see the twin towels, but I didn't go before the 11-s.

I like also a lot NYC, cause since I was little I've seen a lot of films that are made un New York, so, If I'll go, I can see a lot of famouse places like the central park, the 5th avenue, some famouse hotels,...

I said to my friends that we have to save money, because when we'll be 18, we'll go together to New York.


*** BCN girl***

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