Monday, February 2, 2009


The prupose of this report is to inform you of the nice things of some
places interesting to visit.I have chosen TIBIDABO & LES RAMBLES DE LES FLORS.

TIBIDABO is a mountain of Barcelona,you can go by food,car,bus or tranvia.
It has a amusement park is big but not as Port Aventura.The roller coaster
isn't very large and fast,but it's nice to see.The views from Tibidabo are
beatiful,you can see the "Eixample" it look like little squares.Is known for
the amusement park,but it has more interesting things.
RAMBLES DE LES FLORS it's a street with shops on the sides,in the middle of this street there is a waid walk way that have people dress up weird clothes,and when you pass in front of them you give them money,they move.If you are on the top of the "RAMBLES" you can look down the street and there are a lot of people.In conclusion,I recommend tourists to go to these places bescause they are interesting to visit.

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