Monday, March 9, 2009

Second Term Exam Review

1.- Past simple and past continuous practise
This last Saturday in the morning I went with Christine to the shopping center to buy some new clothes, we went walking from my house to the shopping center.
Then at 2 o'clock we left the shopping center and we return to my house to have lunch with TRAM.
My mum was making lunch when my aunt,m uncle and my cousin arrived.
Then we've lunch.
Christine and me went to my bedroom and we played at messenger and watch Fotologs.
In Sunday I went with my family to walk and I bought a magazine.
My sister was with her friend playing at Wii in my house.

2.- Future forms practise

-This Saturday I'm going to go to the disco.
-I'm going to do my homework.
-This month I am going to go to my village.
-I promised Judit that we will go to a Vanessa Hudgens concert.
-My sister will do a competition.

3-. Modal Verbs Practise
-My sister must be in home because she has got a lot of homework.
-My grandmother might be cooking because my gradfather is arriving.
-He should be practising football because he's got a match this Friday.
-Alberto can't play football because he has broken his leg.

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