Monday, March 9, 2009

Johan - Exam review march 2009

I love to travel and I find it better when I travel with some friends, because our parents always want to visit art galleries, sculptures... and sometimes they pay for a tour guide and we hate it; so we spend the time talking and playing with everything. It does not mean that we don't like visiting places, just that we would like to visit places that are interesting for us.
The best place I've ever visited is Venice, but not where I had the most fun, this is Mallorca, where I go every summer with my friends.
When visiting a sight is important to know prizes and opening times.

A plane is faster than a ship.
It has been more espectacular than I thought.
History is not as boring as Spanish.
The fitter he is, the faster he becomes.
She is the nicest teacher I have.
Biology is the most difficult subject I have.
It has been by far the best trip I've done.
Messi is the best football player in the world.

I go into a comprehensive school called ETPClot, in Barcelona. I'm sixteen years old so I'm in year ten. It's difficult to chose my best subject; I'm good at Maths, History and English. But if I have to chose which one I prefer I would chose History. My worst subject is, without dubts, Biology, but not because the subject is difficult, it's because of the teacher.

I'm not going to write about a famous person, I prefer to talk about a pop band, LODVG.
In the start, the band was formed by four college budies that played songs from groups like U2 or Nirvana. In 1995 they met Amaia, the woman who would put voice to their own songs. Her claim to fame was asking at home for money to photocopy papers from university than they used to record the first CD. Then, Sony Music opened them a door contracting them. It was a dream come true! Since then, they have recorded lots of albums and they have become everytime more and more popular.

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