Monday, March 9, 2009

Second Team Exam Review

1.Past simple and past-continuous practice:

Last saturday, on the morning, I went to a gymnastics rytmic competition, but I weren't competition.
The afternoon I went to my house. When I was watching TV and playing computer games, I talked with mobile phone with my cousin, she was Malaga.
Last Sunday I stay in my house and I doing my homerwork.

2.Future forms practice:

+This saturday I'm going to dinner of my family in the beach.
+I'm going to meet my friends.
+I'm going to a dentist.=S
+I'm promise to my mum, I will pass exam maths.
+Judit and me will go to Villa del Río.

3. Modal Verbs Practice:

+This saturday I must go to gymnastic rytmic competition.


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