Monday, March 9, 2009

Llurovi's Second Term Exam Practice


I like to travel to somewhere I haven't visited yet. In my travels I like to go to a tourist attraction, the most visited place. But I hate to go with a tourist guide; it's more fun to go to a different place that you don't know anything about it. The best place I've ever visited is "La Escala", a big beach where there are a lot of tourists. When I'm going to visit a sight I've to know if there is any hotel and if it's cheap. The rest is simple: have fun!


-I'm taller than my sister.
-My mother is less serious than my father.
-My sister is as crazy as me.
-The older I am the more worried my mother becomes.
-My grandmother is the oldest in my family.
-The most intelligent person in my family is my mother.
-By far the most funny person is my father.


I don't like to go to school. Sometimes I like a subject, but the teacher is very boring at teaching and I have to study the term on my own. I go to a comprehensive school and I'm doing the 4t ESO year. There is 1 to 6 at primary, 1 to 4 ESO and here it depends from your decision. My big ambition is to become a scientist or an informatic. I.T. is my best subject because I love it and the worst is Spanish and Catalan; I don't like letters!


Matt Groening had a lucky break with The Simpsons. He had the chance to create a typical family, trying to make fun about them. It worked, and actually are a very popular family. He opened a door to other autors because they could copy or imitate The Simpsons, such as Family Guy.

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