Monday, March 9, 2009

Second Term Exam Review

  • Part 1: Past simple and past continous
This weekend I stayed in my house, when I played to play station 2 I stay bored, very bored. When I swas taying cubelles I was very bored, beacuse this weekend is the bored and bored and bored and bored...
  • Part 2: Future forms practise
  • I going to go to basketball
  • I going to go to my house at 5:00
  • On Saturday I have lunch at 2:30
  • I will give to my friend a roket.
  • I will t hat rain this month
3. Modal verbs practise

  • I must that Jordi and I beat us.
  • I may that victor is an idiot
  • I should that DAvid is a stupid
  • I can't have a Play station 3

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