Monday, March 9, 2009


  1. Travel experiences:
  • I love to travel. If I would be rich, I would spend my life traveling one country to another.

My most important hobby is taking photos, so i'm keen on traveling and taking photos of the places I see. I'd love to display my pictures or to show them on an event, because i'd love to be a profesional photographer, but I know it's very difficult and it's only a dream, because there are too many photographers.

When I travel, I like to do different things: first of all, I like to walk over the most important streets and avenues, ( go sightseeing) I like too to visit some museums for knowing how is the culture in the city i'm in. I like to discover different plates and different types of food, and finally I like to go shopping and buy souvenirs for my family and friends.

Before a trip, I always try to look up some information of the local tourist attractions, the facilities, the traditional food, and even I look up too how the weather will be.

I don't have a best place I have ever visited, I think that you can never compare different cities or countries because all of them have interesting places for visiting and different tourist attractions, which doesn't mean that some are better than others.

2. Using comparatives:


- Hotel Ars is higher than Torre Agbar.

-I think that the eiffel tower is more beautiful than the leaning tower of Pisa.

-Laura is as smart as her little sister.

-The longer we ran away the more guilty I felt.


-This piano is made from the strongest wood in the world

-It's the best film I have ever seen.

-It is by far the mos amazing place I have ever been.

3. School experiences:

  • I go to E.T.P.Clot, a half comprehensive, half private school which is in the center of Clot's neighboorhood in Barcelona. My school is actually more than one hundred years old and it has passed for many difficult situations as a fire.
  • Now, I'm in the ten year of the secondary obligatory education, and next year I probably will go to Batxillerat.
  • My worst subject is probably Physics, because I'm not very good at it!

4. Famouse people:

  • Her claim to fame was the realease of her song "Umbrella"---Rihanna
  • Her life has been a roller coaster ride, full of drugs, and incidents.-----Amy Winehouse
  • Meeting Madonna was her dream come true.____Britney Spears.

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