Monday, March 9, 2009

Second term exam practise


-Yes I like to travel but nowadays I don't travell a lot,but in a future I supose that with my money I travell more.
I'd like to visit:
art galleries for see scupultures,paintings...
international places that are popular in the place that I visit ant their culture.
-I say before that I don't travel a lot still, but in the moment the best place that I visited was "Los Angles" in France and I went when I was 10 years old and there was my first time that I visited the snow! :)
-Some things that there are important are:
opening times,for know when can I visit.
tour guide,for he can explain you important things that you don't know.
Open daily,for know if the local are open weekly,daily,annual...
Book tickets for have your place secure and nobody go in your place.


-Maremagnum is bigger than Glorias.

-Barcelona is more spectacular than Madrid.

-Joan is as tall as LLuis.

-The slower time passed the sadder the couple was because they missed each other.

-He is the hotest boy in the school.
-Julia is the most intelligent student in our class.
-Her note is the worst note in the class.


-Our school is half private half public.
-In 1999,when I was 6 years old.
-My best subject is maths.And my worst subject is History.


TO BE A ROLLER COASTER - Rihanna's life is a roller coaster ride because she has good luck with music but with her boyfriend she has a bad luck.
TO HAVE A LUCKY BREAK - Britney Spear's sister has a lucky break when she appeared in a comedy series.
TO BE A DREAM COME TRUE - Rafa Nadal loves play tennis and now he come true his dream that be a very good tennis player.

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