Monday, May 25, 2009

The start of a big adventure ...

Have you ever seen a lot of famous together? You might not believe this but I’ve just seen a lot of famous people together. Specifically I´ve seen Zachary David Alexander Efron, Vanessa-Anne Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and Taylor Swift!

I’ve come to Barcelona Concert festival and there the most famous people you can imagine in your life were there. They arrived here 4 days before the concert, because they wanted to visit the city, and to pass as regular people, but the fans were very crazy because they recognized them and took a lot of photographs, autographs, etc…
They were very happy.

When arrived the exciting moment to do the concert was fantastic the fans were crazy, they shouted like I never have seen in my life , but I needed to recognized I was one of this fans, because I love it.
The concert was during 10 hours and the people were excited, when we went out, we hadn’t got voice, and all of them went out with an enormous smile.

The parents who were waiting for 10 hours into their cars waited their daughters to leave of the concert.
I’ve had a fantastic day, well, fantastic days, because I started with this adventure 4 days ago, I’ve had a exciting days with Zac, Vanessa, Ashley and Taylor, are fantastic persons and we enjoyed a lot when we met.

After the concert I stay with they in the same hotel, in the morning we breakfast together, and we do a lot of things during the day, at night they do a little concert in the beach, because the night before, they was surprised with the people. And to give thanks they do this mini concert there.

Before the concert the fans can take photographs, autographs, the fans were very emotional, during the mini concert they said my name because I help their in a lot of things, and they tell me please go with they to all parts where they go, I live with they, form part of their live, and I accept, because I love they.

My experience don’t finish now, only is the start of this adventure.
I wait I will have a very good future with them.

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