Monday, May 25, 2009

Disney Youngest Stars!

Have you ever had the oportunity to meet Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale and all the famous singers and actors of Disney? Now your wish can come true! They are here! I’ve just been to that festival! All Disney famous stars were in Hollywood presenting their new projects for this summer!
I’ve come to Hollywood to see them.
Selena Gomez one of the youngest girls, told us that she has just broadcasted her new film with the artist Demi Lovato. We saw the premiere of the film Programme of Princess Protection.
I’ve seen Taylor Swift too; she did a mini-concert to present her new CD called Fearless.
There the most famous couple at the moment, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens was there too! Zac Efron cames to present his new film 17 again, and Vanessa told us that she has been recording her new film Bandslam with Alyson Michalka one of the sisters ALY & AJ. She also said that her last CD, Identified is at shops now.
Have you ever seen theese famous people acting and singing? I saw them! I saw too Ashley Tisdale singing some songs from High School Musical.
There were Dylan and Cole Sprouse, the twins told us that they are going to record a new episode of their TV series.
The athmosphere was of people shouting because they were watching their favourite stars, there was some food and drinks and places to have lunch with the friends or your family.
And the last star I saw was Miley Cyrus! I was so exciting because I’ve been a fan of her since I was a child.
She presented her last film and she sang some of her new songs.
I’ve been listening to them all the day and then, we returned home.
I ate a lot of pizza, cakes, sweets and really delicious American food, so I was so full!

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